I watched the first episode of the new series last night. To be honest, I was disappointed by the ending of the first series. The unveiling of the killer seemed to come from nowhere, and not in a good way. Could it be that the writers were similarly dissatisfied with their handiwork? Because the beginning of Series 2 seems to suggest that the ending of Series 1 might have been a mistake…. But hang on a minute, isn’t that how The Killing kicked off its second series? Am I remembering correctly? So is this coincidence, or are the writers of Broadchurch prostrating themselves at the temple of The Killing? I’d give them the benefit of the doubt if only it weren’t for the Nordic-Noir-listenalike theme song – surely I’ve heard it before. Surely that mournful voice was last heard on The Bridge. Still, there is much to like here – in particular, middle-aged professional women who have scenes all to themselves.